Summer Camp Rules

  1. Respect the property of the camp. Treat everything in a way that protects and preserves all property. Do not litter. Honor all equipment that you check-out and use. Clean up any mess that you make
  2. Respect other camper’s and staff’s property. Respect others in the same way that you want to be respected
  3. All campers should participate in and follow the planned program. Each individual is expected to observe the daily routine of camp life, including hour of arising, mealtimes, and bedtime hours. Follow the schedule and be on time
  4. Camp is a time to meet new friends. We ask that all campers mix and mingle with everyone else. We do not guarantee that friends will participate in all activities together. Groups of friends that exclude other campers will be separated
  5. Campers are expected to be responsive to camp staff authority and their reasonable requests
  6. All campers are expected to conduct themselves in a safe manner. Contact an adult staff member immediately if you don’t feel well or if someone gets hurt 
  7. Visitation of campers by outsiders will not be allowed
  8. Campers may not leave the facility unless accompanied by a parent, guardian or staff member
  9. Shoes must be worn at all times, both indoors (slippers) and out, except when swimming
  10. Food is not allowed in the rooms at any time; it attracts bugs and animals
  11. Stay out of the camp kitchen and dinning area except mealtimes
  12. Camper-parents phone calls are every Tuesday and Friday from 7:30pm to 10:00pm (3 min. limit). Telephone call may not be made without staff’s permission  
  13. Do not bring hazardous materials or equipment
  14. Do not bring cellular phones and any computer or video games. You are also responsible for safeguarding any valuables that you bring with you
  15. The camp should be quiet by 11:00 p.m. and maintain quiet until 8:00 a.m.
  16. Enter or exit the house ONLY through the main door
  17. Do not open/close windows by yourselves, ask an adult. No looking or call out the windows.


Taking care of ourselves

  1. All the medicine, vitamins and insect repellents must be given to Lena, she will label them and will give to you when needed
  2. Keep your clothes clean: laundry days are every Friday, bedding, sheets – every other Friday. If you feel that you are running out of clothes before the laundry day, tell a counselor
  3. Hair must be washed at least every other day. If you are running out of shampoo, tell a counselor
  4. Nothing, not even toilet paper can be thrown into the toilet – READ THE SINGS, PLEASE
  5. Only people that are taking the shower at the moment are allowed inside the shower room, no fooling around, please. If you have problems opening the water or other questions, please ask a counselor
  6. The floors must be kept clean and dry. That is why shower curtains must be closed while you are taking the shower
  7. Keep your underwear to yourself, please. Do not leave it in the shower after your are done




Swimming pool rules

  1. Do not go behind the pool fence without an adult
  2. No food or gums are allowed in the swimming pool area
  3. No pushing or running around in the swimming pool area
  4. Put your hair up in a “pony tail” when going swimming
  5. No exchanging or sharing of clothes, goggles, shoes or other personal things. If you need something, ask!
  6. It is very important to dry your swimming suit and towel after the pool: either hang it out on the porch or, if raining, place in a special basket in the hallway

Helping out

  1. Pay attention to the Helper’s Schedule to know when your turn to help is
  2. Be serious about your responsibility as a helper and responsive to the staff. Work as a team. You will be graded on your performance. If the counselor feels that you did a bad job, the whole team is penalized by an extra day of helping
  3. You responsibilities as a helper:

                                                               i.      Help to bring out the food and dishes for every meal. You do not have to help to clean-up after the meal.

                                                              ii.      Check the rooms (and submit a grade to the counselor) after the cleaning-up time and before going to bed.